As a result of the work carried out, ABC Audit proposed solutions aimed at: 

  • implementation of integrated financial and accounting software by Insert, 
  • improvement of the quality of reports for internal and external purposes, 
  • preparation of a chart of accounts to support reporting for the management board, 
  • preparation of a template financial report by project (the so-called MPK), 
  • improvement of the effectiveness of work carried out by the accounting department, 
  • improvement of the way information is exchanged between the accounting department and other departments within the company, 
  • improvement of the way information is exchanged between the accounting department and management board. 

The work was carried out on time and in accordance with the adopted assumptions. Successful cooperation in this area has positively translated into a system of detailed analysis of individual projects, budgeting and control of revenues and costs of the entire company. 

We highly evaluate the services provided by ABC Group and would like to emphasize full professionalism. Moreover, due to the manner of cooperation, commitment, punctuality and good substantive preparation the ABC Group deserves to be recommended to other companies. 

Thanks to the support of the ABC Group, our company efficiently built and organized its financial and accounting department and flexibly adapted the accounting system to the needs of both external institutions and internal management requirements. 

The tools and solutions proposed by the ABC Group with regard to the chart of accounts and division of the profit and loss account into Profit and Cost Centres prove to be effective in the current profitability analysis of the products we sell. 

In our business contacts we always get competence and, most importantly, full assistance in any accounting and tax problems. 

I can recommend the ABC Group with a clear conscience to both beginners and those who already have an established position on the market and want to optimise their business processes. 

In connection with the establishment of the company in 2009, we established cooperation with the ABC Group, which, within the framework of ABC Audit Sp. z o.o. and ABC Accounting Sp. z o.o., provided services for us in the scope necessary to establish and organize our company and to implement and optimize the accounting system. 

The scope of works carried out by the ABC Group included, among others: 

  • close cooperation with the management of the company in organisational and legal matters, 
  • consultations on the implementation of an integrated financial and accounting system allowing for the analysis of revenues and costs by product groups, 
  • advice on planning and budgeting the company's financial results, 
  • support in the creation of product cost calculations and tools for revenue and cost analysis. 

We are very satisfied with the services of the ABC Group and we perceive it as a reliable and professional business partner, whose support has significantly contributed to the organization and increase of efficiency of processes in the financial and accounting area. 

In connection with the establishment of our financial centre in Poland, we have asked for factual support and suggestions from specialists from ABC Audit Sp. z o.o. 

The project carried out together with specialists from ABC Audit Sp. z o.o. consisted in the creation of solutions allowing for efficient reorganisation of accounting and financial departments of companies related to our group and creation of one central accounting and financial centre serving all entities of our group. The work included the following: 

  • analysis of internal procedures related to the accounting closing of the reporting period (month), 
  • analysis of internal control procedures and accounting document circulation, 
  • solutions were proposed to improve the punctuality and organisation of our financial centre. 

Conclusions and proposals presented by ABC Audit Sp. z o.o. turned out to be very helpful in determining the scope of duties of our employees and clearly contributed to improving the circulation of documents and information between individual departments. We believe that ABC Audit is a worthy business partner for companies planning to reorganise their operations, and the experience and know-how of ABC Audit specialists translates positively into the operations of the entities cooperating with them. 

In 2014, ABC Audit Sp. z o.o. provided business consulting services for our company. Consulting services were aimed at improving the financial results achieved by our company, while maintaining unchanged employment. 

 The team of ABC Audit Sp. z o.o. performed the following activities taking into account our priorities and expectations: 

  • developed documentation to clearly illustrate the initial financial situation of the company; 
  • correctly identified the main factors negatively influencing the financial results of recent years; 
  • proposed corrective actions that allowed for a quick and noticeable control and reduction of these factors in the future; 
  • helped to create a remuneration system for our employees based on our company's performance. 

We consider the ABC Audit Sp. z o.o. team to be very professional – among other things, thanks to ABC's help, we were able to present our employees with an incentive system that had a positive impact on the financial result of our company in a transparent and understandable way. 

The effect of the work of ABC Audit Sp. z o.o. allowed us to take corrective actions, without worrying about their substantive basis and method of implementation. 

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